King George VI Chairs (Pair)


Pair of 1937 George VI Coronation Chairs. 

After the coronations of George V in 1911, George VI in 1937 and of Elizabeth II in 1953, it was decided to sell off some of the trappings of the events. After each of the Coronations the chairs and stools which the guests had used were offered for sale to with first refusal given to the people who had occupied the seat at the ceremony. As they offered a unique and lasting souvenir of such a great occasion they were eagerly snapped up.

The chairs and stools from the coronation of George VI were made from limed oak and were upholstered in a dark green velour fabric, while the ones from Elizabeth II’s were made from silver powdered British oak and upholstered in a regal blue velour fabric. Both were stamped underneath with the sovereign’s initials. In style they have overwrap seats and a full padded back rest which has the monarch’s initials and a crown embroidered on the front. The chairs were used by the more important guest while the stools were allocated to the less important people.